We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends. (Fundraiser for Guy Gondron)

Hey there, strangers that I haven’t seen in almost a year! More about that another time. I’ve something important that dragged me out of blogger purgatory.

You all know Guy Gondron, who has given this blog so many wonderful freebies to hand out. This is Uncle Guy with my youngest daughter, Halle. This is Uncle Guy AFTER he beat Stage IV tonsil cancer. No matter what life, and cancer, threw at Guy, he kept his smile. Things were looking up, he got his old job back that he loved, and he was painting again for a living.

Uncle Guy and Halle, Stinky's probably squished in there too.

Uncle Guy and Halle, Stinky’s probably squished in there too.

What I didn’t mention about Guy, a fact that he is far too humble to share, is that fact that while he was going through cancer treatment, and the financial crisis that followed, is that he took care of a disabled friend through it all. Guy is THAT guy (pun intended). If you asked him for the shirt off his back, he’d give it to you. Then he’d ask you to wait while he went to get you three more from his closet.

So, when Halle’s birthday rolled around, I asked if he would doodle me a stamp of her Lovey, appropriately named Stinky, so that I could make her an extra special birthday card. Guy, being THAT guy, drew her an entire coloring book. Yup, he made my four year old a custom coloring book based on her best friend in the whole world. I’ll give you a moment to process that, and wipe the tears.  Here was Halle’s reaction:

She was so excited about that card that I couldn't keep her still to take the picture.

She was so excited about that card that I couldn’t keep her still to take the picture.

Oops, you wanted to see Stinky and the actual card?

There ya go.

There ya go.

Shortly after the most amazing birthday present ever, Guy became sick again. No, not cancer, thank God. Here’s what happened in Guy’s own words:
“On Sept. 11, after months of minor and major symptoms, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Dermatomyositis, a muscle disorder related to my cancer. The symptoms include muscle wasting, muscle and joint pain, and, if untreated, will lead to life in a wheelchair or bed. On Sept. 17, just a week later, I was laid off, despite having started the application process for the Family Medical Leave Act. On Sept. 19th, I found out that Arizona has zero Medicaid coverage for adults without dependents.”

No politics please. This is my friend’s life, and it is worth so much more that cheap political debates. The point to take away is that without financial support to get the health care he needs (and since his employer basically fired him for being sick), and to meet his basic needs, Guy will become permanently disabled, possibly to the extent of not painting again. This wonderful artistic genius, who has blessed us all with his digital stamps, over and over again, could really use our help.

I wish I were a millionaire, to take care of this for him. I wish I could give him a kidney and make this all better. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple. I cannot help Guy on my own, but we can all do it together. Because he’s THAT Guy, he’s not even asking you to donate your money without giving you something in return. If you go HERE, for $5, you can have Halle’s coloring book, filled with wonderful “Stinky” images, so you can make really cute cards like this one:

Stinky McStinkerson.

Stinky McStinkerson. I made that!

For many of us, $5 is a cup of coffee and a bagel on the way to work. For Guy, all of our $5 put together may keep his lights on, or make a payment to a doctor. Here are all of the adorable images that he’s doodled:
stinkOnce again, you can purchase those images here.
If you are able to do more than $5, and have no need for the stamps, you can donate directly to Guy HERE.

Thank you all for your love and support.

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25 Days Crafting Showcase, Day 17 Trees, Tinsel and Traditions!


Today is my last project for the 25 Days Showcase, and can I just give Melin and her elves a big round of applause! I’ve had so much fun being a part of their showcase, what I’ve enjoyed most is the friendship and the fun of being in the middle of such a talented group!

When we were choosing our days, I immediately fell in love with this stamp and knew I had to color it! Get ready, here’s me being serious for a moment… Christmas has been hard for me the past two years since we lost my Dad. He was always such a part of the holidays, and while I enjoy the heck out of my two children during this magical time, it’s hard not to choke up often as his absence is so pronounced.

This stamp… this stamp is everything that is right about Christmas. When we focus on Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas, all of the hurt goes away. That’s why he came right? To show us love and to make our hurts more bearable. I’ll see Daddy again one day, because of a tiny baby born 2,000 years ago. My prayer for all of you that are struggling this season is that you will lay your hurts at the foot of the “tree”.

Beautiful Digi and sentiment by MyPaperCrafting.com

Beautiful Digi and sentiment by MyPaperCrafting.com

So this card was created using Melin’s lovely stamp, Copic Markers (E23, E37, E29, G 05, G09, G29, Y21, Y35) and some “Card stuff”.

Remember to visit MyPaperCrafting.Com today, and every day through Christmas as they are showcasing designers and giving away digis every day!


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25 Days Showcase, Day 13!


Hello everyone! I hope the Holiday Season is treating you well! I’m excited to be one of the featured designers today for the 25 Days Crafting Showcase. Today’s post is brought to you by the month August and the idea of Chillaxin’!

Currently, I’m a Floridian, so I am so down with Chillaxin’ and the beach! I couldn’t resist coloring this adorable Sea Shell stamp by MyPaperCrafting.Com.

Digi stamp by MyPaperCrafting

Digi stamp by MyPaperCrafting

To create this card, I used my Copic Markers to color in. Mea Culpa, I didn’t keep a color list. 😦 I also used the Fancy Frames Cricut Cartridge, and some bling.

Buutttt… I’m only ONE of many designers featured today! Go on over to MyPaperCrafting.Com and show them some love! Melin is giving away free digi files every day! I’m back on Dec. 17th with my last 25 Days Project of the Year!


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The Great American Teach In! (Digi Freebie at End)

I’m terribly late blogging this! But, late is better than never, can I get an Amen?!

Last month I was invited to speak to my oldest daughter’s kindergarten class during the Great American Teach In. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, the Great American Teach In is one school day where members of the community are asked to come in and discuss careers, hobbies, etc. with the students.

I chose to tell the kids about Quilling, which is a very, very old art. Since they’re kindergarteners, we didn’t delve into the history too much, but they did enjoy hearing that some of the first people to quill lived during the time of knights and dragons!

We made some quick projects together, so funny seeing the little ones trying to curl and shape the paper!

We made a flower, a heart, a carrot, and a cheeseburger! Way to go kids!

We made a flower, a heart, a carrot, and a cheeseburger! Way to go kids!

We also made a sheep and a snowman!

We also made a sheep and a snowman!

It’s been a while since I gave out a digi, and ’tis the season! These are from a set Guy drew a while back. Log Bunneh is one of my favorites, enjoy!!

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25 Days, Day Two: Let it Snow!

Hello! I hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL start to your holiday season! I’m excited to be part of the 25 Days Showcase, and here I am with my first project on Day Two! There are almost 30 Designers participating in many different categories. Make sure to shoot over to MyPaperCrafting.Com to see the work all of the other designers have created for the “Winter Sparkle” Theme! Melinda’s got freebies and prizes almost every day!

So here is Melinda’s adorable little snowman! I created a card with him using my Copics (V000,BG000, Y000, BV23, BG02, RV52,55,69, V12,15,17), the “Fancy Frames” Cricut Cartridge, Glossy Accents and some bling.

snowman digital stamp card

Digi Available at MyPaperCrafting.com

I’ll be back in a few days with another featured project from the 25 Days Showcase. Have a FANTASTIC Christmas Season!


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25 Days of Holiday Splendor!

I’m excited to announce I’ve been chosen as a digi designer for MyPaperCrafting.com‘s 25 Days event!

I’ll be showcasing Melinda’s adorable stamps during three of the days! Make sure you tune in as there are freebies and prizes each day! See you then!

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In a Hole in the Ground There Lived a Hobbit…

Literary Geeks rejoice! The Hobbit movie is almost here!!

I am especially excited as I’ve recently become a big fan of the show “Sherlock”, and I can’t wait to see Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch taking on Tolkien! A while back, Peeg had drawn this fantastic Hobbit scene, titled “A Shortcut”… yes, yes, all hard core Tolkien Geeks know that’s actually from Fellowship… In any case, I really struggled to do this image justice with my Copics, and I’ve been working on it and adding to it for over a month.

Here is my little progress tutorial, hope you enjoy!

I began with my line art, and first decided that I wanted my light source to be coming from the top left of the page. I am NOT a light source expert, to me, it simply means that things closer to the top left will be lighter, and things further away will be darker. I add highlights and shadows by where I “feel” they should go, rather than the actual physics of the situation. Sooo… I began by adding in my highlights and shadows. I used Copics Wo and W1 for the the shadows, Y0000 for highlights.

Next I began to work on the tree. I flicked up from the base of the tree (darker area) into the lighter area. I wanted the wood to have a warm feeling, like the sun was shining on it, so I used earth tones that have a bit of red in them. The tree is E30, E35, E08, E37, E29, and I added Y04 to the highlighted areas. I used the same principles in the log. I colored in one direction to establish a wood grain.

Beginning stages of the tree

Tree, mostly completed, beginning work on the grass.

Next I went in and added my lightest color of grass (YG21) over the areas I had previously highlighted with Y0000. Then I added my darkest grass color (YG25 and YG17) over where I had shadowed. After that I began to blend them together using an assortment of YG’s. I chose yellow green over pure green to enhance the sunny feeling.

The sapling in the corner should have the most sunlight on it., so I beefed up the yellow. What I love about Peeg’s line art is that he gives you more than enough space to get your markers in, but still enough detail to guide your shading. You can also see above how the grass came together. I tried to keep all of my marker strokes going in the same direction to create the idea that maybe the wind was blowing the grass.

Finally, getting the hobbit himself!

Since the title of the scene is “A Shortcut to Mushrooms”, I should comment on the mushrooms themselves. I didn’t want to color them the stereotypical red fantasy mushroom, because the scene in the book is about how much hobbits love to EAT mushrooms. So, I colored them E30, used YR02 for a middle tone, and W5 to shadow.  Before I began to seriously work on the hobbit’s skin, I went through and really darkened up where I wanted the shadows to fall. For his skin I used E0000, E000, E11, E21, E00. Shadowed him with W3, W5.


Hobbit’s all done. His clothes are much brighter than a hobbit’s would be, but, hey, its my picture.

So, the area behind the Hobbit ( I guess I really should ask Peeg which hobbit it is. Pippin?). I admit I was confused about what it was, so I thought I would make it a shadowy area, so the hobbit could emerge into the sun filled glade of fungus. I wanted to give the shadows some depth, so I layed down some Y17, RV13, B91, and BV 23. I followed the circular pattern of the line art.

So, here he is, all finished up. To blend up the background, I colored over it with E 31, then freshened up the color, then I blended it all together with W3. To avoid making this blog post unreadably long, I left out some of my notes. If you have questions on an area of the picture that I didn’t color, please put them in the comments and I will answer them!

Peeg (go to his blog, enjoy his amazing paintings! Commission one while you’re there!) colored his hobbit differently, I couldn’t find it on his blog but it was on his facebook page. Here is his version! He used more orange undertones, and more purples. His is much closer to what the scene would really look like in Middle Earth.

Shortcut, colored by Guy Gondron with Copics.

With no further babble, here’s the line art so you can color him yourself!

Shortcut to Mushrooms, by Guy Gondron

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Paper Pieced Birthday Cards

Happy November Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and was safe from the storm. My prayers are constantly for friends and family in the North East!

Last month there were some birthdays, so I pieced together two cards. I usually include a stamped and colored image, so it was fun to me to try something different!

For my friend Adam, cards for men are always a challenge!

This one was for my mom, who is really into peacocks at the moment!

I’ll be back on Monday with a Copic tutorial of an image that I have been working on for MONTHS! I’ll also have an AMAZING bit of Guy Gondron line art to share!! See you then!

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The Hero of Canton, The Man They Call Jayne!

One of my new hobbies is knitting, crocheting or err… actually, just making knots in yarn. Disclaimer, I am NOT very good at this. Buuuttt…. this project took forever, and has a funny story, so I’m going to share.

One of my most favoritest fandoms is Firefly/Serenity. Peeg’s too. It’s provided me with endless amounts of giggles, fun quotes and occasionally tears. When Peeg was talking about wanting to dress up like one of the characters, Jayne (who is not a girl), he was talking about needing a hat like Jayne wore. I honestly can’t remember how it came about, but somehow I volunteered to make it. (He’s Peeg, I’d give him a kidney if he needed one) I had used a knifty knitter before for scarves, so how hard could it be?

Well, for starters, I don’t watch a heck of a lot of tv. I prefer to read at night. Reading and knitting? Apparently they can’t be done at the same time.

So, I pulled up Netflix and it suggested Doctor Who. Hmm… that’s the guy with the great hair that gets pinned on Pinterest all the time, right? So began my addiction. The hat? Well, first I started knitting it upside down. *Note to self, knifty knitter hats get knit from the bottom up, not the top down.* Next, I realized the loom I was using was too small. Unravel, do again. Finally, it got done… and all six seasons of Doctor Who had been watched. It was even mailed (I am HORRIBLE about going to the post office). Without further ado, here is Peeg in his Jayne hat!

The Hero of Canton, the man we call Peeg.

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… and I’m Back! (Digi Freebie)

Hello! I hope you’ve all been well! It’s been about a month since my last post, and since the closure of CMS, I decided to take a month off and just enjoy crafting without worrying about blogging, etc. I’m feeling really energized and I have a lot of projects to share!

Since I’ve become The Gallifrey Crafting Company, I thought it was appropriate that the first cards to share are some Doctor Who cards I’ve done with my Copics recently. Here’s the Tenth Doctor in two different cards, with Tardis in one. Mea culpa, I did not write down my colors. The digi is from DragoArt.com.

I loved coloring his little pinstripey suit!

Same digi, different scheme

… and, as a thank you for stopping by:

Click to make her bigger, enjoy!



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