I’m passably crafty… YOU rock!

I had a moment today when I realized that this has become almost exclusively a free digital stamp blog. It wasn’t intended to be, but our business is growing, our kids are growing, our laundry pile is growing… so the free digis are convenient. Don’t panic (one of the greatest literary lines ever, give me some comment love if you got it). There will still be TONS of free digis.

I, however, had something to say tonight. Something so big I even handed story time off to my fabulous husband so I could write this. What is it? Easy. You Rock!

You do, really. I’ve gotten a ton of emails in after our free classes in which many of you start off your correspondence with “I know I’m not that good” or “Maybe when I get better I’ll think about starting a blog”.  About 95% of them time you’re all completely wrong. You’re far more talented than you give yourself credit for.

Being creative is good for the soul. The world is changing, faster than we can keep up with. I’m going to tell you one of the new secrets: You don’t need permission, and you don’t need approval. Once upon a time if you wanted to be an artist you had to drag your portfolio to gallery after gallery, agent after agent, hoping someone will like you and give you an audience. That’s not true anymore. The internet has equalized things, you don’t have to be the most popular crafter at your local scrapbooking store. You don’t have to have a large following to start a blog. You don’t have to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning practicing with your markers before your stuff is good enough to show the world. You don’t need someone to give you permission to be an artist because you already are one.  Be you, because you rock. Blog now, share your stuff now, just because you can.

(Side note: When I started this blog, I was truly terrible with my Copics. Seriously. Go look at the post “Defying Gravity”, if you want to see me fall flat on my Copic Marker face. If nothing else, knowing that you’re better than that should give you all of the confidence you need to get your art on.)

I am proud to say that I am the least crafty member of our Design Team.  Our girls all color better than I do, they make their layouts more creative than mine and I am always in awe of them. Why am I ok with that? Because I know my talents. Guy is the talented artist in our company, Christian is the talented business man, the DT are the talented crafters. I’m the talented visionary. Yup, I’m the idea man…err… idea woman. In a recession, I should probably fire myself first. I don’t have to draw the best stamps, I just have to have the best idea of what those stamps should be. (In case you can’t tell, I’m not a type A personality). I don’t have to be the best at coloring to teach others to love to color, I just have to have a creative idea to impart that knowledge on the truly crafty people. I don’t have to be the best at anything except steering Copic Marker Scrapbooking in the right creative direction, and that’s easy to do because I’m just being me and doing what I like best.

Moral of the ramble: I’m an ok crafter, and here you are taking my classes and reading my blog. You rock, and you’re talented, imagine what you can do! Just be you and do what you love best…. and post your fabulousity on our Facebook Page and Our Forum so we can tell you just how amazing we think you are.


About gallifreycraftingcompany

I love and train flying monkeys, color with copics, scrapbook what I color, read like a fiend and enjoy every minute of it. I'm a New Yorker that sought better weather, and I enjoy crafting outside by my pool and walking the beach.
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14 Responses to I’m passably crafty… YOU rock!

  1. Marla says:

    Very well put and thank you for what you do best! I was just questioning myself this afternoon if my card was good enough to enter in a challenge. I did. I liked the card and can appreciate the hours it took me to find the creative side of my brain (some days are better than others) LOL. Thank you for the great pep talk!

  2. Ninon says:

    Well Colleen, YOU ROCK for writing this post! You are the light of our team, and I personnally thank you for being YOU!

    • Lynne says:

      awwww Colleen – what an amazing post! and to repeat what Ninon Said “YOU ROCK!” What a joy it has been to be a part of this team… and I agree, you don’t need to be better… JUST BE YOU!
      (love always… Lynne)

  3. Tina Mayo says:

    aww thanks for the pep talk and inspiration, and you do rock as well…

  4. Claret Belle says:

    I love you and I do not know you! I needed to hear what you wrote and it was right on! Thanks for the polite kick in the pants. This week, I amn going to find out how to do a blog and I am going to post one of my colored drawings! I am tired of attempting to do it “right”!

  5. KaraT says:

    As a new member to copic markers, I really needed to hear this. I always said that I wasn’t creative…always had to follow a pattern whether it was scrapbooking or cross stitching…couldn’t create one on my own…

    But these words have inspired me to go outside my box and really buckle down and learn how to create with copics. I think Guy’s class will help a lot along with your free intermediate classes. So thank you so much for all you do, and the encouragement you give for those of us that need a little (or big) boost!!!

    • Colleen says:

      I am so glad everyone got something out of this post! Thank you all for the kind words! I’m glad we can all rock together!

  6. adele says:

    hi colleen thanx for th confedence boost!! i still think your work is amazing keep it up

  7. I was referred here, can’t remember how, but WOW this message is so poignant and relevant I HAD to leave a comment!
    THANK YOU so much for the reminder that we all have our own style and it’s OK if we’re not all perfect all day. Laundry piles up, life happens and creating is a pastime for most of us, we don’t make a living at it! It’s good to know that we don’t HAVE to do what the ever-present “THEY” do to feel good about what we do!

  8. Just a quick note to let you know I created a post today on my blog <a href="http://hestiashelper.blogspot.com/2010/10/finding-my-style.html"HERE and directly quoted this post and added a link back here!

  9. Ooops… the link isn’t working. Try HERE

    • christina Sedor says:

      Wow, Colleen! YOU ROCK!! what you said is truly motivational, and very uplifting for the creative SOUL! I’m honoured to be apart of the DT!

      Sending warm b-day wishes your way:)

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