Week Long Sentiment Freebies and a Contest

Hey there! Sorry it’s been a little quite here on the digi front lately, it’s been a monster week. I was so glad you guys all liked the post about you ROCKING. I mean, come on, who DOESN’T like to be told they rock?

That post really got me thinking about art as a form of encouragement, both for the artist and the recipient. Hence, this contest! (Sorry about the caps, I get excited!)

Here’s the challenge: Every day from today until Tuesday I will post up an encouraging sentiment. You can pick anyone that speaks to your heart and make a greeting card out of it. No color scheme, no required materials, you can use any other digital stamps you want, you can color with whatever you want,  just be your creative self, use one of our sentiments and make something awesome. Here’s the catch: When you’ve completed your card, after submitting the photo, I want you to snail mail your card to some awesome lady in your life that could use some encouragement.

First prize for this contest gets their choice of either 6 Copic Ciao Markers or 3 Copic Sketch Markers. You will have until Tuesday, October 12th to turn in your projects.  If you include a little story about creating and sending it, you’ll get a special digital freebie bonus from us!

No further ado, here’s today’s sentiment, Anais Nin is one of my favorites:

Anais Nin Quote


About gallifreycraftingcompany

I love and train flying monkeys, color with copics, scrapbook what I color, read like a fiend and enjoy every minute of it. I'm a New Yorker that sought better weather, and I enjoy crafting outside by my pool and walking the beach.
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7 Responses to Week Long Sentiment Freebies and a Contest

  1. Karrie says:

    Wow what an awesome challenge!! I haven’t participated in many challenges until recently, this one is one with a special rak!! Love it!! TFS

  2. Patsy Court says:

    Many thanks for a beautiful sentiment. I will enjoy using it.

  3. Tina Mayo says:

    Im on it, thanks so the freebie too!!

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  5. snehal says:

    Thanks …Its great and the challenge is interesting and insiring at the same time.

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  7. Stacie says:

    I am mailing it to my best friend “Curley”… she has recently been offered a promotion at work and is well on her way to “Making History”… THANK YOU to Colleen for the Great Inspiration over the past 2 weeks!!! I hope this is where we are supposed to submit our challenge entries… I didn’t see any “Linky” things anywhere else!

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