… and there were Birthdays!

Once you start making birthday cards for the folks in your life, there seems to be a contractual obligation to never purchase a card again. It doesn’t matter if you’re running terribly behind, out of time or just plain uninspired. ┬áIf you purchase someone a card after making one for everyone else, it is assumed that you care about them less.

March has been a birthday month, so I’ve made some birthday cards. Two of them were men, which is much more tricksy, as they generally don’t prefer cute animals and flowers. Luckily, both guys are into pirates.

Captain Hook for Uncle Alex!!

Captain Jack for Dr. Mike, who has told me he is a Cavileer, not a pirate!

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Gianna!

I haven’t forgotten Harold, my other March birthday, but his card is part of a tutorial for another post. (Multi-tasking at it’s best!) In case you’ve got birthdays coming up, here are some sentiments to help you out with your cards. Click on the image to make it bigger before saving it.

digital stamp birthday sentiments


About gallifreycraftingcompany

I love and train flying monkeys, color with copics, scrapbook what I color, read like a fiend and enjoy every minute of it. I'm a New Yorker that sought better weather, and I enjoy crafting outside by my pool and walking the beach.
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6 Responses to … and there were Birthdays!

  1. MsJoyceG says:

    Your Pirate(s)are adorable .. thanks for sharing the birthday sentiments.

  2. deb says:

    where did you ever find a captain jack digi. is it yours? I have been looking everywhere!

  3. I know how you feel about the number of cards that are needed. By the end of April – I will have sent out 29 birthday, 5 anniversary, and 45 valentines since the 1st of the year. I am always looking for images, sentiments and inspiration andd want to thank you for all of these. Love your pirate cards and these birthday sentiments.

  4. Connie says:

    Thanks for the freebies. April is a hard month for me this year as there are the regular cards that have to get out, as well as Easter cards, and my second grandchild is due
    April 9th, and I’m trying to do crafty gifts for the baby, mom, and “the big brother -3 yr old” as well as his Easter gift. Trying to stay away from just going to the store and picking up a basket filled with chocolate!

  5. These are great! Love those pirates and your princess is adorable! Great coloring!

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