Spotlight on the Design Team: Diane L. (Plus a Freebie!)

Our Design Team is full of amazing ladies. Each one of them is so talented with their Copic coloring… but I got to wondering what else they enjoyed doing with their craft time. Luckily, they were willing to share their secrets!

Today’s spotlight is on Design Team Member Diane L. She joined our DT back in February and has created many beautiful projects for us. On a personal note, I’ve loved getting to know Diane and trading emails with her. She’s had a bit of a rough year medically, but she’s pulled through and maintained her charm and her humor through it all. She’s such a fun person to talk to!

When she’s not coloring with Copics, Diane enjoys creating 3D designs. Check out the beautiful wedding box that she created for her parent’s 59th Wedding Anniversary.

By Design Team Member Diane

To learn more about Diane and her projects, visit her blog

And now for the freebie, from our Summer Fun set:




About gallifreycraftingcompany

I love and train flying monkeys, color with copics, scrapbook what I color, read like a fiend and enjoy every minute of it. I'm a New Yorker that sought better weather, and I enjoy crafting outside by my pool and walking the beach.
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39 Responses to Spotlight on the Design Team: Diane L. (Plus a Freebie!)

  1. Jocelan says:

    Thanks for the cute snail.

  2. Dorothy E says:

    That’s cute. Thank You!!!!

  3. Joan says:

    What a sweetie!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Love Joan xx

  4. kimberly says:

    Thank you so much…it’s the cutest snail i ever seen

  5. Danielle says:

    That cake is beautiful! Thank you for the snail, too…

  6. Elaine L. says:

    Thanks for the cute snail!

  7. Carol O says:

    What a cute snail. Thanks for sharing.

  8. susan says:

    Thank you! I think she is the cutest snail I have seen yet and I love her smile.

  9. snehalwelde says:

    Thanks a lot for this cute digi and I love that cake project…Its awesome

  10. Kathleen says:

    Love the cute little snail…thank you for sharing.

  11. Sue says:

    oh what a sweet image. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Marla says:

    Colleen, this is an adorable litte snail! Thank you so much!

  13. Linda says:

    He’s so cute! Thank you

  14. Such a cute little snail! Thanks1

  15. Tina says:

    Vielen Dank für das niedliche Freebie.
    Liebe Grüße

  16. CHRISSY says:

    Thank you so much, such a cute happy snail.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  17. Denise says:

    Thank you, so cute.

  18. Jennie says:

    What a fabulous snail – thank you so much for sharing.

  19. What a beautiful snail – not an adjective I’d expect to use on a slimy pest! Truly.this is the illustrative version of a silk purse.from a sow’s ear!

  20. Cass says:

    Cute, thanks

  21. amydeanne says:

    that cake is amazing! i love it! thanks for the snail! 🙂

  22. What a lovely snail! Thank you!

  23. Heather says:

    Awesome, thank you 🙂

  24. mamichelle says:

    Gorgeous cake! Thank you for the cute snail!

  25. Lucy says:


  26. califncsun says:

    Great image.

  27. Jocelan says:

    Love the snail,thanks for sharing.

  28. Esther says:

    This little snail is soooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Thank you for this cute snail image, Colleen. And thank you for sharing about Diane. She certainly is a talented lady. I am glad she is doing better physically now.

  30. Kelley says:

    Diane did a beautiful job with her cake. I love it. Thank you, Colleen, for the snail. I generally smash them but his time I’ll let her live! 😀

  31. Lucianna says:

    Thank you for the sweet image 🙂

  32. Marianne says:

    Thanks for sharing such a cute image!

  33. Jane says:

    thank you for sharing your art work. He is a cutie. jane

  34. TXGrandma says:

    Great image. Thanks for sharing it!

  35. Edith says:

    This is so sweet, thanks a lot!

  36. ChristiGrace says:

    Cutest snail ever! thanks!

  37. This is the first cute snail I’ve seen!!

  38. Dawn says:

    So cute – many thanks!

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